Your SEO Guide to Website Redesigns

Your SEO Guide to Website Redesigns

Technical SEO: Making or breaking your site redesign or replatform

About the White Paper

At Classy Llama, we often speak with companies who are feeling the pain of a site redesign and/or replatform where, after launch, they have lost significant traffic and revenue. They are desperate to regain the organic traffic they have lost.

So, how does it get to this point? How do companies launch a site that on the surface looks cleaner, has a better user experience, stronger content, and runs faster, but loses traffic? The answer: overlooking Technical SEO.

Technical SEO determines how your site is crawled. If you make changes that alter the way Google and other search bots crawl your site, you may have lost your SEO value. You may have to prove to Google that your new site is just as good, or better, and that takes time. But you can have it both ways: a new site AND no lost revenue. We’ve seen companies lose as much as 75% of their revenue by not following some very simple, but nearly always overlooked rules.

In this white paper, you will discover the difference between technical SEO and content SEO, why it’s so important, and how to ensure a great launch for your new site retaining your organic traffic and revenue.

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