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Our secret sauce isn’t just our rock-solid process and proven systems – it’s our people.

The Llama Experience

All Llama. No Drama.

We thrive on doing good work that matters for our clients. We have each other’s backs, in and out of the office. What we do here is more than a job. There’s meaning and purpose in what we do, and there’s meaning and purpose in being a Llama. 

We’re intentional about who we invite to join our team, and we’re looking for some pretty specific characteristics in our applicants. Why? Because how we treat each other carries through into how we treat our clients. 

The most important thing we have to offer new team members is a workplace where you are encouraged to be (and are valued for being) your authentic self. We recognize each other’s strengths, support each other where we can, and treat our fellow Llamas with honor and respect. We’ve built an award-winning culture here, and we’re still building.

While our work is important, it’s not everything. We understand that caring for your loved ones often requires the flexibility to work from home. We know the importance of great health insurance. And, of course, we love to see little Llamas when they pop into the office or at our family events.

What Matters Most to Us

Hint: It's You.

We Value People

We take time to understand our clients, and serve them well. We do the same for our co-workers. Yes, even the ones that challenge us. That means leading with honor, respect, and understanding – even when we disagree. We’re a tight-knit bunch that prioritizes connection, teamwork, honor, and work-life balance. Everyone thrives when we care for one another well. 

We Have Courageous Integrity

A Llama does what they know is right, even when it’s hard. We stake our reputation on being honest and trustworthy, so we don’t hide problems; we face them head on. This applies to our relationships with clients, with team members, and with partners and vendors. But, with that expectation comes a heavy measure of grace and the willingness to help each other solve problems and correct mistakes.

We Work with Passionate Ownership

Llamas are fully invested in every project they take on — for clients, for the company, and for themselves. We learn, grow, fight, and hustle to get the work done. We take pride in a job well done, and are accountable for every outcome. Our team members are smart, thoughtful, and well-informed, and we trust them to be effective with whatever they take on.

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Classy Llama is a digital consultancy founded in 2007 with the Mission to love others through business and a Vision to deliver inspiration, insights, and digital transformation services that offer rock solid solutions to industrial B2B companies in verticals like automotive, manufacturing, parts, materials, and customizable products.

What Do We Do?

We improve margins and protect revenue for B2B industrials companies through digital transformation.

How Do We Win?

We only succeed when we help our clients succeed. That doesn’t just mean the companies we serve, but the people within those companies. We’re always looking for ways to love everyone we connect with through our business better. While seeking to define the distinctive and remarkable culture that Classy Llama possesses, we were able to pinpoint 8 core values that embodied the unique relationship between team members with each other and the incredible clients that we serve. No matter what we do or how we evolve, these values must remain true in everything we say and do.

We are committed to genuine love for our clients and for each other. This love is what drives us to deliver the best possible service and support to our clients, and it’s also what makes our team so special, because we genuinely care about each other.

We are committed to engaging in real relationships, both with our clients and with each other.  We shoot straight and address relational friction and challenges early and directly, not allowing bitterness and resentment to grow by neglect and avoidance. By doing this, we grow trust in our relationships that help us endure through hard times and celebrate more deeply when we win together.s

We are committed to gritty follow-through. We don’t give up when things get tough, and we are determined to bear through to the other side of the challenge, not allowing pain and uncertainty to disrupt or focus on the incredible reward of joy that comes from finishing well.

We are committed to excellence. By giving a perfect effort, we strive for excellence in everything we do, never settling for mediocrity. We are committed to delivering the very best results to our clients and to each other.

We are committed to integrity. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.  And we hold ourselves and our teammates to a very high moral standard.

We are committed to courageous leadership. We are not afraid to take risks, make bold decisions, and lead our clients into greater value. We are willing to stand up for what we believe in, and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

We are committed to innovation, constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our clients and support each other. We are willing to take risks and think outside the box in order to drive progress and stay ahead of the curve.  And as a complement to the high value we put on the process, we refuse to get complacent in doing things the way they’ve always been done.

And finally, we are committed to humility, our cornerstone value that makes all of the others possible. Because we acknowledge our own limitations and imperfection and our corresponding need for each other, we seek out perspective, criticism, challenge, and correction from our team members and trusted advisors.

Our Team is World-Wide

Become the Llama Where You Live!

While our home base (AKA “Llama Nation HQ”) is located in Springfield, Missouri, USA, we employ experts around the globe. If you share our values, expertise, and standard of excellence, we want to work with you!

Our Perks & Benefits

We Take Care of Our Herd.

We believe in the power of rest and rejuvenation. We offer a generous time off policy, so you can explore the world, spend time with loved ones, or simply relax and recharge. Your time, your choice.

Lifelong learning is key to personal and professional growth. We provide support for your educational pursuits, fostering your development and our collective success.

We care about your future. That’s why we offer a 401k plan, helping you secure a comfortable and worry-free retirement.

We want to support your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s yoga, CrossFit, or a gym membership, we’re here to help cover the costs. After all, a healthy team is a happy team.

We value your beautiful smile and want to keep it healthy. Our dental insurance plan covers regular check-ups and treatments, helping you maintain excellent oral health.

Your health is our top priority. We provide comprehensive medical insurance to ensure you and your family have access to the care you need when you need it.

Your vision matters to us. We offer vision insurance to cover your eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses, ensuring a clear and bright future.

You can’t put a price tag on your life, but you can protect your loved ones with life insurance in the event of a premature loss.

Life can be unpredictable, but our support for you isn’t. We provide short-term disability insurance to protect your income and provide peace of mind in the event of illness or injury.

We offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) and contribute to it regularly. This pre-tax account helps you prepare for qualified medical expenses, providing financial security for your health needs.

We’re committed to helping you with life’s challenges. We offer WorkLifeMatters, an all-encompassing program to support your well-being. It includes face-to-face and telephonic counseling, bereavement support, tobacco cessation coaching, work-life balance resources, legal and financial consultations, and more.

We provide a MacBook Pro for both your work and personal needs, ensuring you have top-notch technology at your fingertips at all times.

We believe in making work enjoyable and fostering community. That’s why we host year-round events for everyone to enjoy. Plus, our on-site cafe is stocked with free snacks to keep you fueled throughout the day. It’s all about creating an environment where you can thrive and have fun!

Our Workplace Recognition

We’ve Won an Award or Three...

Our Open Positions

Explore Opportunities with Classy Llama…

While we may not always have openings in all of these areas, here are some of the areas that support our business:

As the backbone of Classy Llama, our development team brings a wealth of experience in creating high-performing, feature-rich e-commerce sites that drive business growth.

Our marketing team crafts effective strategies that amplify our clients’ brands, driving engagement and conversions to fuel sustainable business growth.

Our finance team ensures the financial health and sustainability of Classy Llama, enabling us to provide top-tier services to our clients.

The IT & Systems team ensures seamless operations, providing the technical infrastructure that supports our commitment to excellence and integrity.

The People Strategy is based on key pillars presented on the Llama Experience, which underpins a high-performing culture tailored to match people’s talents, team effort, and well-designed solid processes so people can bring their best selves to work and help the business succeed.

Our project management team ensures the smooth execution of projects, coordinating efforts across teams to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our QA team ensures the highest quality in our work, meticulously testing our solutions to ensure they meet and exceed client expectations.

The Resource Management Discipline at Classy Llama plays a pivotal role in ensuring our talented teams’ optimal allocation and utilization. With a strong focus on people, we aim to create and maintain robust, high-performing teams that excel in delivering exceptional client experiences.

Our revenue and sales team drives business growth, building relationships with clients and identifying opportunities to serve them better.

Our solutions team leverages deep industry knowledge to craft unique, effective e-commerce solutions that meet our client’s specific needs.

The Systems Engineering team provides robust, reliable infrastructure, ensuring our solutions are supported by top-tier technology.

Application Process

At Classy Llama, we value transparency and respect in our application process. It’s a comprehensive journey from your application to decision-making, with constructive feedback at every step. We aim to make this important step in your career a positive experience. Join us, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

  • Apply through LinkedIn or our Career Page
  • Resumes Review 
  • Initial Interview
  • Personality Assessments 
  • Technical Interview
  • Cultural Interview 
  • Decision-Making & Feedback

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