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And we always deliver.

Despite our playful name, we could not be more serious about the level of expertise, integrity, and service we bring to every eCommerce client and partner relationship.

Rock-Solid Web Sites since 2007

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We have more than 15 years of experience under our belts building and improving eCommerce websites — but more importantly, serving and supporting our clients. As a featured Adobe Commerce (Magento) partner and a BigCommerce partner, we’ve built hundreds of websites, custom features, and integrations.

We call Springfield, Missouri home, and our company’s values mirror those of America’s heartland:  hard work, integrity, straight-shootin’ honesty, and the grit to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on developing solutions that solve your business’ unique pain points and foster eCommerce success. We don’t suggest a product, service, or partner if we don’t believe it meets your needs. We utilize standardized processes, detailed documentation, and best practices to ensure that your site is built to the highest standards. Plus, our ongoing support offerings mean you’ll always have the team you need to keep things up to date. 

Our Commitment to Our Clients

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We Take Passionate Ownership

We don’t take on every project, but we follow through on every project we take — no bailing out when things get tough. We learn, grow, fight, and hustle to get the work done. We take pride in a job well done, and are accountable for every outcome. Our team members are smart, thoughtful, and well-informed, and we trust them to be effective with whatever they take on.

We Operate with Courageous Integrity

The courage to do what is right — even when it’s hard — is core to our service model. We stake our reputation on being honest and trustworthy, and we don’t hide problems; we face them head on. This applies to our relationships with clients, with team members, and with partners and vendors. We stake our reputation on being trustworthy, and we will always do what is best for the project, and for your business.

We Value People

We treat each other, and our clients, the way we want to be treated. We spend time getting to know their individual needs and what makes their business tick. Yes, even the ones that challenge us. That’s how we grow.  We’re here to figure out – and implement – the best solutions for each business we serve.

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Leadership and Account Managers

Leadership - Kurt Theobald

Kurt Theobald


Leadership - Paul Ebisch

Paul Ebisch


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Travis Lathrop


Leadership - Rob Tull

Rob Tull


Leadership - Jonathan Hodges

Jonathan Hodges


Leadership - Josh McGee

Josh McGee


Leadership - Rachel Virnig

Rachel Virnig


Leadership - Carine Werner

Carine Werner


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Websites & Integrations

When your website is critical to your business, working with a team that understands every aspect of eCommerce is essential. We offer a full suite of marketing, branding, and consulting services designed specifically to grow your eCommerce business. We’ve done hundreds of projects just like yours… and we always deliver.

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We don’t see the value in looking at any other agencies. Putting all our eggs in one basket with Classy Llama is not a concern because of your team’s experience and knowledge.

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eCommerce is Better with Partners

We trust their Tech!

The partners we work with offer services specially-tailored to eCommerce websites and companies, and their products help us achieve outstanding results for our clients. And if you’re looking for certifications, we’ve definitely got ’em.

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