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Classy Llama has built numerous Automotive eCommerce and motor vehicle parts sites, including a project for an OEM parts site selling 2M+ parts and 158M+ Parts Applications for 27 different manufacturers. Our experienced team has in-turn developed a set of tools that can easily be used in the automotive space to help drive improved customer experience and revenue.

We specialize in industry-specific functionality, features, and custom extensions, designed to create the best user experience.

We've done stuff for these nice companies:

All States AG Parts. Parts A.S.A.P, Auto Customs, Nexemo, OEM Auto Parts and Accessories, Phyzix synthetics #1 maintenance fluid of nascar, zzp zzperformance.

Featured Client Stories

car interior
Gahh Automotive

GAHH Automotive eCommerce Build & ERP Integration

With a fresh and new look, GAHH delivered a site with a much-improved shopping experience to both their B2C and B2B customers.

zz performance car
zzp zz performance

ZZ Performance Paid Search

Because ZZPerformance primarily sells their own unique products with higher margins, and even will ads that performed well, there were opportunities for improvement and growth.

Tractor in field
All States AG Parts. Parts A.S.A.P

All States Ag Parts Fitment Part Search

All States Ag Parts needed a solution that would make it faster to navigate their extensive product catalog of over a half a million parts and work well on all devices.

Why Choose Classy Llama for Automotive eCommerce?

Online automotive sales are on the rise. The global online automotive aftermarket is projected to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 14% between 2020 and 2026.

With growth like that on the table, automotive brands that are ready to take advantage of eCommerce opportunities will have a distinct advantage.

There are certain components that every website needs, but there is no such thing as plug-and-play in automotive eCommerce, and Classy Llama has the expertise necessary to build the website you and your customers need. Buckle in and let’s talk about what it takes to bring your automotive brand online.

A Selection of our Automotive eCommerce Expertise

Fitment for Automotive eCommerce

Classy Llama has extensive experience with Automotive Fitment for eCommerce. Our Fitment extension lets users easily find parts by selecting their Year, Make, and Model to end up on a page that shows parts specifically related to that vehicle. Some tools also allow the user to identify their vehicle with a VIN or registration look-up in addition to manually selecting their vehicle.

Auto_Graphics_v2_-02 1

Faceted Search

Online shoppers want to find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. That’s where faceted search functionality comes in. Faceted search allows customers to filter their search results based on a variety of parameters, helping them find exactly what they need and increasing your likelihood of winning the sale. Classy Llama has specific expertise with a suite of search features that meet these needs.

B2B Capabilities

Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce is an important consideration in the automotive industry. The eCommerce platform you choose should include tools and customization opportunities that can help you grow your B2B channels and stay competitive in the market. With Classy Llama’s experience in B2B industries, and specifically in B2B motor vehicle parts, we are perfectly positioned to help your company develop the right set of features, and we’ll even help you choose the right platform to meet your specific needs.

Data Management

Data management for automotive brands can be more complicated than in other industries. There are industry data standards to consider, multiple applications per part, and application updates for existing products every year. And, data grows exponentially with each new year, make, and model. These factors combined can make it very difficult to ensure that all of your data stays “clean” (complete, accurate, and relevant). This means you’ll need to be prepared to tackle data management from the beginning.
But, all of that effort can actually benefit your business. Building or rehabbing an eCommerce site is an excellent opportunity to work through your processes and organize your data. And, if you stay focused, the prize is a new revenue stream and a far more scalable business.

Interactive Parts List & Schematics

If a customer knows they need a part for a specific section of a vehicle, but they’re not sure what the part is called, it’s often simplest for them to select the part from a schematic of that section of the vehicle. Classy Llama’s Parts List extension provides the foundation for building this kind of experience.

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