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Save Credit Cards in Magento with Classy Llama’s PayPal Extension

PayPal partnered with Classy Llama to provide customers with the ability to save a credit card for repeated use when PayPal is the processor. This tokenization feature was sorely missed by merchants using PayPal as their payment service.

With the extension in place on a Magento site using PayPal, logged in or registering customers will now be presented with a “Save this card for future use” checkbox when paying with a credit card. On subsequent visits, any previously saved cards will be available for one-click use. And while this is the most prominent feature of the new extension, it offers quite a few other bells and whistles including support for billing agreements on a Payflow gateway integration and new options for re-charging previous payment methods for site administrators.

Another major benefit to the merchant? Using this extension means that credit card data is not stored on the site itself but instead a secure token is generated by PayPal and stored in Magento. PayPal stores the credit card data which eliminates PCI compliance and security concerns that would exist if the credit card data was stored on the site. This extension stores and uses tokens that merely reference information stored securely on PayPal’s own servers.

The best thing about the new extension is that it’s absolutely free. It’s also incredibly easy to install via the Magento Connect marketplace. For more detail on the features of this extension and to install it, click below.

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