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Get Ahead of the Google Game

Free Readiness Report:
Core Web Vitals

Here’s the free way to get ready as Google rolls out their 2021 update:

Send us your URL and we’ll send a custom Readiness Report straight to your inbox about your site’s current Core Web Vitals scores.

What does Core Web Vitals readiness do for you?

Protect SEO Ranking

Complying with Google’s new criteria means you won’t lose your spot in search results.

Boost Website Traffic

Get better rankings and more traffic while competitors who don’t act drop in rankings.

Increase Your Sales

More traffic to your website from Google means more opportunities for your business!

Core Web Vitals is here—are you ready?

Google is changing the rules of the search ranking game … again.

If your site doesn’t meet Google’s standards for its new Web Vitals metrics, you could:

  • Get ranked lower on Google search
  • Lose website traffic
  • See a negative impact on sales

We’ve seen similar Google updates throw a huge wrench in online businesses and we don’t want that to happen to you!  That’s why we’ve put together this free readiness report, along with a suite of free resources to help make sure your SEO doesn’t have a meltdown.

More Free Core Web Vitals Resources

What matters most for your business (and to us) is that you get ahead of Core Web Vitals, which is why we want to connect you to as many free resources as possible.

Check out these helpful guides and articles from other sites PLUS Google’s free set of Core Web Vitals tools to get the help you need:

Free Google Tools for Core Web Vitals


Google Search Console

Page Speed Insights


Chrome DevTools Performance Panel

Web Vitals Extension

Wanna talk about Core Web Vitals?

If you’re not sure what to do about Google’s algorithm update, give us a call!

We love to chat one-on-one and our favorite topic is helping businesses like yours find the solutions you need, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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