Zendesk Magento 2 Trouble-shooting Steps

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We’ve listed the most common issues below in the troubleshooting steps section. If you need help installing the extension for the first time be sure to click the link below. Otherwise scroll down to find answers to the common issues we see with setting up the extension.

Zendesk dashboard view

Can't find order in Zendesk

Order view for zendesk

Be sure to open the app area of zendesk and then expand the Connector window.

Magento 2 Connector is installed and configured, "no order found for this customer" error

  1. Ensure that the user you are looking at, has orders in Magento
    • Find the requester email from the Zendesk ticket (screenshot)
    • Ensure that there is a customer in Magento with that email address, and that they have placed at least one order (screenshot)
    • If a customer does exist, and they have placed orders, proceed to step 2 (screenshot)
  2. Ensure that there are no other Zendesk apps (or anything else) using the same API Token as the Magento 2 Connector
    • The Magento 2 Connector that you are using, must be the only thing that is using an API token from Magento. Otherwise, it will not work.
    • The most common reason for multiple things to be using the same API token, is if you have Multiple Apps in Zendesk that connect to Magento. However in that case, you must create separate API tokens (integrations) for each app.
  3. Ensure that your API token has access to at least Zendesk and Sales.
    • In the Magento admin, navigate to System > Integrations. Click reauthorize, on the row that the Magneto 2 Connector is using. (screenshot)
    • If you don’t know which integration is used for the Magento 2 Connector in Zendesk, click Add New Integration, and follow the steps in the Setup Instructions, to create an API token. Otherwise, if you clicked Reauthorize, proceed with next step
    • Ensure that Sales and Zendesk show up in the list of resources that the API token has access to. If they are both shown, click reauthorize. Otherwise, see the Setup Instructions for steps on how to create an integration with the correct access (screenshot)
    • Copy the access token (screenshot), and paste it in the Magento 2 Connector settings in Zendesk (Admin > Apps and integrations > Zendesk Support apps > Magento app) and then save (screenshot).
    • It is expected that the API token field will be empty, even if you previously filled it out. This is done for security reasons.
    • Be sure to enable standalone Bearer tokens. Stores > Configuration > Services > OAuth > Consumer Settings > Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens
  4. If you have completed all of those steps, and still are getting the error, saying that no orders can be found, please contact us at [email protected], and provide the information from the following step, as well as information about the system you are using, and the issue you are having.
    • In Zendesk, when you are viewing a ticket that should have orders associated with it, open the inspector window. (normally by pressing f12, or right clicking, and clicking “inspect” (screenshot)
    • Click the Network tab, and then the clear button (screenshot)
    • Filter by the text “order” and then click refresh on the Magento 2 Connector app (screenshot)
    • There should be a network request that shows up in the Network panel, with the request url something like “https://.zendesk.com/proxy/v2/apps/secure/https%3A%2F%2F%2Frest%2FV1%2Fzendesk%2Forders%2F360006236174%2F%2F4”
    • Click on that network request, then click on the preview tab (screenshot)
    • In your email, please let us know what is shown in the area indicated in the screenshot.

Composer require classyllama/module-zendesk error

Ensure that the username and password in your auth.json file, are the public and private key from the same magento account that was used to purchase* the zendesk extension.

* It’s free, but you still have to “purchase” it with your Magento account

Error Fetching Orders

In newer versions of Magento Token Based authentication is disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled. Be sure to enable standalone Bearer tokens. Stores > Configuration > Services > OAuth > Consumer Settings > Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens

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