End of Life M1 Migration Accelerators

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Migrate from Magento 1 with eCommerce Experts

Classy Llama is a leading expert on Magento 1 Migrations. As Magento 1 nears End of Life, our veteran team is helping merchants move from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or to BigCommerce. We’ve helped many merchants successfully migrate and reap the benefits of these current platforms.

If You’re Reading This, It’s Not Too Late

If you’re on Magento 1, you’re no stranger to the reasons you should consider changing platforms. Security vulnerabilities pose a huge risk and maintaining compliance on payments can be challenging and costly. However, current platforms bring opportunity for better performance and growth. Having a faster site that works beautifully on mobile devices improves sales and page ranking in search.

Classy Llama’s Magento 1 “End of Life” Accelerators

We’ve designed two accelerator packages to help Magento 1 merchants quickly build a foundation on an up-to-date and supported eCommerce platform. Whether you choose BigCommerce or Magento 2, we can help you get started with an effective and attractive site fast.

Take advantage of BigCommerce’s Open Saas model. Say goodbye to hosting fees and uptime worries, and enjoy their industry leading security and site speed features. BigCommerce offers many easy to integrate apps in their marketplace and provides updates and support for their product at no cost.
Launch in as little as 75 days

Magento 2 offers all the flexibility you’re familiar with, but with improved performance, design, and integrations. Magento Commerce offers powerful B2B features and includes the new PageBuilder. Qualifying merchants can also receive a migration loan with a full credit from PayPal on the cost of financing.
Launch in as little as 90 days

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