A Digital Marketing Overhaul

The Starting State AdWords campaigns (shopping and search), were not optimized to meet objectives. The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was only 452%.

The Starting State

  • AdWords campaigns (shopping and search), were not optimized to meet objectives. The average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was only 452%.
  • NAWS had re-themed earlier in the year and Category and URL changes caused a 14.17% decrease in traffic.
  • Low conversion rate from those entering through NAWS Learning Center
  • NAWS did not have a consistent email program

The Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Story

Classy Llama’s Marketing Services team began working with Northern Arizona Wind & Sun (NAWS) on June 1, 2017. At that time there were several challenges we sought to address.

In order for us to meet the needs of the client, it was essential for us to understand the industry, the buying cycle and how users shop the site before beginning any execution of marketing strategies. We learned that more users enter The Learning Center than any other single section of the site. We also learned that due to the re-theme earlier in the year, The Learning Center organic traffic had decreased nearly 15%. Given the high volume of visitors, driving traffic and increasing conversions from The Learning Center was an essential piece in increasing their revenue. Based on this information, we developed two strategies:

  1. Add links to products, additional photos, and strong calls-to-action.
    • Through this, we have increased conversions by 126.21% from the previous year for those entering first into The Learning Center.
  2. In September of 2017, we began to focus heavily on optimizing category and subcategory pages, as well as the Learning Center to combat the impact caused by the re-theme. As of mid-November 2017, we have decreased the traffic loss to -9.05% year-over-year, with a positive trend upward.

A significant amount of the marketing budget was being spent on AdWords. However, given the low ROAS, we knew it could be optimized. The client’s objectives were to increase online sales as well as phone calls directly to their on-staff sales team. Our Paid Search Specialists researched on-site search activity, organic search terms into the site, product performance, and competitors as well as Google Shopping feed settings. Through this, there was essentially a complete overhaul of the AdWords methods and campaigns. These efforts resulted in:

  • A 50.01% increase in sessions
  • 40.53% increase in revenue
  • 39.00% increase in the average order value
  • In addition, the ROAS is now averaging 997% compared to the previous 452%

Prior to our engagement with NAWS, their emails to clients were sent sporadically with little revenue results. We began officially sending emails in late October 2017. Traffic from these emails has a conversion rate of 6.56% (site average is .43%), average time on site is 6:29 (compared to the site average of 2:43), and the bounce rate average is 37.70% (compared to the site average of 71.45%). We began seeing revenue from the very first email. We are still in the early stages of using this channel to complement our other marketing strategies, but given the early results, we are confident this will be another win for the client. Social media was another area with little focus prior to work with NAWS. We understood that the buying process for solar equipment can be quite long, with most spending well over a year researching before making a purchase. Because of this, our objective is branding, engagement, and to become the go-to resource as they are researching so that when they are ready to purchase, NAWS is top of mind. Through these efforts, we have seen a 441.24% increase in Sessions and a 517.88% increase in New Users from Facebook. Through elevating each channel, as well as creating a cohesive balance in our strategy—where each piece works together rather than as a separate unit—we have increased overall revenue in 2017 by 43.73%, year-over-year and increased the average order value by 32.76%.

"Working with the Classy Llama Marketing Services Team has been above and beyond our expectations; increasing our online and on-the-phone sales higher than they’ve ever been. Because of this we have continued to increase our engagement with them. Their proactive approach and overall strategy are hitting areas we hadn’t even thought of, and the results have been amazing."

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