Wiz 0.9.8: Bug Fixes, Admin Extension Updates, & General Improvements

It has been a while since we talked about Wiz. There have been a couple of version bumps since the last update. These bumps are arbitrary but it seems like they accurately reflect progress made. There has been progressing towards a 1.0 release. The idea of a 1.0 is mostly solidified.

The 1.0 Roadmap

  • local and community plugin interface – a way for people and groups of people to add their own modules and modules that can be shared with a group.
  • configuration system – Although Wiz already has an API for user-configuration, it needs to be better tested and supported.
  • cleaner API – looking at ways that the API can be better for anyone that might want to develop extensions.
  • complete docs – API docs. Right now you just have to look through the code.
  • auto-updating – If anyone wants to help with this, that would be great. It would be awesome if it integrated directly with Github.

New Functionality

  1. You can now pull packages from Magento Connect with the mc-dl and mc-versions functions.
  2. admin-list lists admins in the backend.
  3. admin-enable and admin-disable can be used to enable and disable admin users.
  4. admin-resources can be used to list the resources that modules set up in the ACL.
  5. magento-startup and magento-shutdown allow you to add and remove the maintenance flag.
  6. config-storeget <path> --all lists the given path for all stores.
  7. magento-script --profile will show profiler information after execution.
  8. config-asxml now takes an argument --system which dumps the system.xml files.

General Improvements

  1. If you set up devel-showhints while developer IP restrictions are set, it gives you a warning.
  2. Functions provided by plugins no longer have to return true or false. Everything is assumed to be good unless an exception is thrown.
  3. module-list now shows the version in the module and in the core_resource table.
  4. Command line arguments (e.g. –example) are now parsed and removed from the array that gets passed to plugin methods. This doesn’t really affect anything unless you have custom modules that look for arguments within those methods.
  5. Wiz::getArg() now takes two arguments instead of one. The second argument is the default value that will be returned if the argument is missing.
  6. Added some documentation for various functions and did some general code cleanup.
  7. The bash completion script is now more awesome. It add further completion capabilities and aims to provide more information.

Bug Fixes

  1. Basically config-asxml¬†didn’t work. Now it works and you can set up indentation to be what you’d like (via --indent).

I think basically sums up what has happened over the past couple of months. Many thanks to Ben Robie & Jeremy Young for their contributions.

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