Wiz 0.9.0-beta: Specify Scope, Create EE Admin Users, and more…

The initial flow of love for Wiz was greatly appreciated!  I’m not certain how many people actually have downloaded and are using Wiz today.  We may never know fully…  But the buzz that was generated was definitely invigorating!

We have recently rolled Wiz out to our entire team here at Classy Llama.  No doubt within the next few weeks we will see more features being added as our people put it through the hoops.  Enough about that.  Let’s get on with it!

Specifying a scope code

By default, Wiz will execute your commands running inside of the admin scope.  This is great for practically everything, however using the 301-urlskumap to generate a CSV of SKUs to URLs caused issues when running inside of the admin.  Now all you have to do is:

wiz 301-urlskumap --store

And it will execute inside of the store’s scope, giving you the proper rewritten URLs.  If you leave out the code, it will use the default store.


is also available.

Adding EE Admin Users with AdminGWS

Creating admin users on Magento Enterprise and Magento Professional is technically the same.  The both use SHA256 to store passwords instead of MD5.  And they both share the same database structure for users.  However, EE has an additional module called Enterprise_AdminGWS.  This is important because this module actually modifies the structure of the role table to include GWS (Global, Website, Store) level permissions.  Wiz will now check for and properly adapt to the presence of this module.

Log cleaning

One of the comments on the initial post mentioned tying into the Magento provided shell commands.  This is the first part of that excellent idea.  The one curious thing about this conversion is that the –days argument is not present.  Interestingly enough, although Magento provides this option in their shell script it does not work properly.  It ignores it and uses what is in the config.


We currently have only one driving force behind where Wiz development time gets spent: feature requests.  You are more than welcome to submit a feature request/issue on the Wiz Github page.  Here is what is being planned and worked on for future releases:

  • Indexing control (in the same vein as cache control).
  • Compiler functionality.
  • Status (lists version, modules, module versions, the number of products, categories, etc.) in a report format.
  • Auto-updating from within Wiz.
  • Module creation and modification.

As always, your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated!

If you have not started using Wiz yet, go get it!

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