Upgrading Auto Rim Shop to Magento 2 Cloud


Auto Rim Shop is one of the largest suppliers for OEM factory wheels, center caps, tire packages and TPMS sensors. Their massive selection of high-quality products, combined with a knowledgeable staff of experts, ensures that automotive enthusiasts will always find exactly what they need to get rolling. 


When it comes to serving their customers, Auto Rim Shop goes the extra mile to provide an easy to navigate shopping interface. When they decided to upgrade their Magento 1 site to Magento 2 Cloud, Classy Llama was proudly chosen to navigate the transition and provide expertise to ensure the customer experience was more streamlined and user-friendly than ever before. 

For automotive merchants, utilizing custom fitment search is a critical piece for consumers. Auto Rim Shop not only wanted to enable their customers to search by year, make, and model of a vehicle, but they also wanted to provide an interactive layered navigation that guides shoppers to their ideal products. 

In addition, Auto Rim Shop wanted to revamp their B2B and wholesale offering. They wanted to provide a streamlined experience for their wholesale customers, and reduce the amount of manual work required from their team on the back end. They needed a scalable foundation for both sites, setting themselves apart from their competitors.


Classy Llama worked with Auto Rim Shop to outline a few key objectives for this site upgrade. Their team needed to be empowered to quickly and cost-effectively deliver engaging shopping experiences for their customers. They wanted to prioritize features that would boost conversion rates, business agility, and productivity capabilities while maintaining an easy-to-navigate front end experience.

For their B2B wholesale offering, the Auto Rim Shop team needed the ability to easily update wholesale pricing and styling. They wanted to make wholesale pricing unavailable to the user unless they were logged into their wholesale account, allowing for a completely custom experience to the user. Magento 2’s Native B2B functionality offered a solution for managing these needs.

Their final primary goal was to improve and optimize the channel sales and SEO onsite. Auto Rim Shop gets a large amount of their business from channel sales.They had previously invested heavily into building these channel sales and wanted to prioritize their continued growth. Classy Llama also performed a full technical SEO audit to determine what changes would allow for significant strides in their search engine rankings.

What We Did

The Classy Llama team worked with Auto Rim Shop to revamp their search and product display page experience. When shopping on the site, their customers can easily navigate to and between products based on the requirements and filters they implemented. 

We implemented many partner solutions and third-party extensions that allow Auto Rim Shop to offer a fully customized and technically integrated solution. By utilizing payment and fraud management solutions, such as Affirm payments and Bolt fraud prevention, their risk has been significantly lowered and average order value has increased. Connecting them with ShipperHQ allowed them to simplify their shipping process and alleviate pain points their team had manually been correcting beforehand. We utilized Feedonomics to streamline the delivery of custom product feeds. They now offer a Zendesk chat solution to help guide users live on the site as needed. We implemented an improved layered navigation through Amasty which provides a smooth shopping experience. Klevu allows the customer to use natural language for search and provides instant visual results. Lastly, we implemented Klaviyo as their email service provider which allows Auto Rim Shop to connect with and nurture their customers between shopping sessions. 

By utilizing native Magento B2B functionality, we were able to offer the same brand experience to wholesale customers as they offer to their direct shoppers. This also enabled the AUto Rim Shop team to view, update, and restrict specific products in their wholesale catalog at once. 

Implementing many of the Magento marketplace solutions, along with Classy Llama’s own custom-built solutions, we were able to simplify the amount of integrations and configurations needed to fulfill each order internally. Auto Rim Shop was able to refresh their visual offering while optimizing SEO and creating a new B2B experience.

How It Made a Difference

Auto Rim Shop is now able to offer an easy-to-navigate user interface for both direct and B2B customers. Their customized fitment capabilities allows shoppers to quickly and easily find the products that are relevant to their current needs. Building upon Magento 2 cloud allows them to reduce the overall costs, limit technical risk with a PCI-compliant foundation, and create a scalable solution that they are able to build upon for years to come..

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