The Magento Developer Certification

As many of you know, Magento recently announced their Magento Developer Certification program.  As one of the few partners involved with Magento since its inception, we’re especially excited to see this long-awaited program finally being launched.

Due to our depth of knowledge and experience with the Magento platform, Magento invited us to be a part of the Magento Certification Advisory Board. We’ve been involved in the process of writing questions for the certification for the past couple of months.  I want to extend congratulations to one of our Lead Developer’s, David Alger, for representing Classy Llama on the Advisory Board.  His contribution to the development of the certification has been substantial – he even won the award for completing the most number of objectives at a one-week onsite question-writing session.

The certification is going to be beta-launched at the Innovate Conference 2011 in the middle of this month and will be announced to the public later this year.  We have four developers who will be at the event and taking the certification.

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