Fitment on Adobe Commerce: Improving the parts shopping experience

When it comes to shopping for auto and manufacturing parts, fitment is the perfect fit.

Fitment provides a method for shoppers to “shop by vehicle” and makes the shopping experience more streamlined by only displaying products that are compatible with the vehicle selected.

Rather than clicking through categories and subcategories of products for all different vehicles, fitment allows users to enter their vehicle information when they arrive on the site and review only relevant results. Being able to find the right part that will fit your car perfectly is essential, and that’s why the Adobe Commerce platform is a great choice for part sellers with large catalogs that also want a fitment extension. 

Adobe Commerce, backed by Magento 2, has all the technical capabilities and features sellers need to create a fitment shopping experience that makes it easier for customers to find the parts they want.

While fitment is not a native concept in Magento, it is something that many automotive and manufacturing merchants want to incorporate on their Magento websites. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to add fitment functionality to Magento.

With fitment on Adobe Commerce, sellers can create a completely customized fitment experience for their customers, and that’s sure to improve their shopping experience.

Custom Fitment

One way is to build a custom solution — a benefit of having an open source platform that’s designed to be customized. A Magento-certified developer or agency can build an integration with ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) fitment data or other data sources to power a year, make, model lookup.

Fitment on the Magento Marketplace

If you want to avoid a custom solution, you can leverage Magento’s extension marketplace or third party apps that plug and play to provide shop by vehicle functionality.

Features and Benefits of Fitment on Adobe Commerce

1) Fitment Fields

Fitment fields are various display filters for parts that offer a powerful search result organization benefit. Users are able to filter or sort products by attributes such as price, make, model, VIN, and more, making it easy to narrow down their search and locate the correct part with minimal frustration.

2) Virtual Garage

This fitment feature allows customers to store the type of car or other machinery they own on the website. That way, each time they log in and search for parts, only those that fit their garage will appear, creating the kind of custom experience shoppers love.

3) Data Integration

When you partner with an agency like Classy Llama to get a Fitment extension on your Adobe Commerce site, you can also integrate with various data sources such as ACES/ PIES, vendor data, or a product information management system. This  ensures fitment data is accurate and relevant seamlessly.  

4) Product Information Management

If you already have fitment data integrated with your product information management system, Magento’s extension manager now makes it easier to create fitment indexes to help boost fitment performance.

5) Improved User Experience

With fitment on Adobe Commerce, customers are able to easily find the correct part for their vehicle or other machinery. That not only decreases shopping efforts and time, but also lets customers get in and out of your site quickly so they can focus on other areas of life.

Why Fitment Fits

Fitment is a great fit when it comes to making the parts shopping experience better, especially for the kind of larger catalogs often found on the Adobe Commerce platform.

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