What we REALLY think about winning Comparably’s Best Workplace for Career Growth

We’re beyond thrilled that we’ve received eight workplace-related awards in the last year, the most recent two being Best CEO for Women and Best Company for Career Growth!

That. Is. AWESOME!

But listen … I know that there’s this unwritten rule somewhere that says:

“If you receive an award for Best Company for [fill in the blank] you must say some variation of, ‘We are humbled and shocked by this honor!’”

Here’s the deal: 

Is humility at the core of who we are? 


Are we humbled and shocked by these awards? 


We’re SO proud of these awards because while Classy Llama is the recipient, the only reason we earned these is because our people are brave enough to be 100% unapologetically themselves. Not only that, they continually have the courage to share the kind of ideas and critical feedback that make this place the most amazing eCommerce agency around.

We (the people of Llama Nation) have spent a decade and a half investing in and cultivating our culture into the empowering (and super fun) community it is today.

HUGE shout out to the leadership team for lighting and carrying the torch this far. Even bigger shout out for hiring, trusting, and empowering people to run with that fire. 

Like our CEO, Kurt Theobald, says: “I don’t care about the accolades. I care about the hearts behind them.”

It’s the people we celebrate, not the awards. THAT is what we’re proud of — all the amazing people that make up Classy Llama.

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