Pixel Perfect

If you’re anything like me, every once in a while you just need to try something new. I believe that for creative individuals this is an extremely important practice. When I’m craving something creative I’ll explore tons of different things such as digital painting techniques, photography, or branding a fake company.

This week, inspired by my memories of 8-bit Nintendo characters, I decided to “pixelate” the llamas. At first, this seemed like an easy endeavor. I quickly found that it was exactly the opposite. Working with single pixels, you are obviously limited. The more pixels you have – the more room you have to be detailed, and thus, the easier it is to create a recognizable character. It’s amazing how pixels force you to completely rethink how to portray the subject you’re creating. So, while I was pixelating all of my co-workers, I had to choose carefully what features, quirks, and personalities could be achieved within my limitations.

Although these images are extremely small, they are very detailed. They turned out to be extremely accurate representations of everyone in my office.


-Jeremy Wells