Summer of Louie

Recently our friend Jesse set out on a cross country bike ride to raise awareness and funds for the impoverished women of Korah, Ethiopia (read more here). When our Brand Ambassador, Louie the Llama, heard about all of the amazing places Jesse was going to visit along the way, it inspired him to have his own summer adventure.

Turns out, Louie is a pretty popular guy (or, um… llama), and he’s made friends from all over the world. Throughout the summer he’s going to have the opportunity to visit many of them. He is looking forward to seeing new places, but equally as excited to meet a lot of people, eat new foods and spread his love of bow ties around the world.

Louie is starting out in his hometown of Springfield, MO on Memorial Weekend, then ending the trip back in Springfield on Labor Day. The in-between is a global adventure of epic proportions. Have any travel tips for Louie? Comment below!

Louie will be sending us photos and stories of his adventures as he travels, follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great summer!

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