Classy Llama Supports Ride for Korah

Classy Llama Supports Ride for Korah
SPRINGFIELD, MO (June 2016) – Company Sponsors Cross-Country Ride Raising Funds for Impoverished Families in Ethiopia  

Classy Llama is proud to announce their premier sponsorship of Ride for Korah, a cross-country cycling campaign founded with a mission to raise $50,000 for impoverished families in Korah, Ethiopia.  

The team of 3 friends, Jesse Tyler, Giancarlo Ospina, and Dakota Graff, departed from New York City in early May. The group will be bicycling across nearly 4,000 miles to reach their final destination of Seattle, WA. Tyler explains, “We saw dire need in the community of Korah and chose to use our abilities and resources to raise funds and awareness to help families there.”

Classy Llama is providing essential needs for the riders throughout their campaign. Expenses include food, shelter, and emergency provisions.

Ride for Korah has partnered with I Pour Life based in Springfield, MO. The funds they raise will support I Pour Life’s 10×10 program. The 10×10 program serves women living with leprosy and HIV, equipping them with essential life and business skills. Each woman will be taught a specific trade throughout the ten-month program and will learn to become self-sufficient. The cost for each woman to participate in the program is $1,000, which covers medical expenses, immediate basic living needs, education for children, and emergency reserve.

The sponsorship is part of Classy Llama’s ongoing commitment to supporting those in need.

Kurt Theobald, CEO explains, “Classy Llama invested in Ride For Korah because they carry the essence of our brand in all that they are doing. When you get to the very roots of our brand, it is all about loving the unlovely, pursuing the forgotten, mending the broken. In whatever we do, we want to create value – whether in lives of merchants, or the forgotten people of the landfill called Korah. What’s more, we love empowering others to realize their visions and pursue their dreams. This opportunity was a no-brainer for us; it fires on all cylinders.”

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About Classy Llama:
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About Ride for Korah:
Ride for Korah is a coast-to-coast cycling campaign focused on raising funds and awareness for I Pour Life’s women’s empowerment program in Korah, Ethiopia.

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