Creating an Improved Experience for Precious Moments


Precious Moments is known around the world for their carefully curated gifts and timeless collectibles. Their customers count on them for high-quality, meaningful collections that they treasure and proudly display.

As a long-standing client of Classy Llama, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Precious Moments grow their online presence, continually looking for opportunities to showcase their well-loved products and better serve their shoppers.

Recently, Precious Moments focused on upgrading their website to optimize the online experience for both B2C and B2B customers. 


Prior to this project, Precious Moments had a site built primarily on Magento 1 that had been implemented in 2012. Although the platform has served its purpose extremely well over the years, it became outdated and reached “end-of-life” in 2020.

As they considered replatforming their site, the primary goals were to simplify implementation and maintenance, and allow them to scale into the future. They were especially interested in a solution that would provide a lower total cost of ownership moving forward. BigCommerce was quickly chosen as their new platform, and Classy Llama was eager to help make this a smooth transition for everyone involved. 


During the replatforming project, Precious Moments had some significant enhancements they were excited to implement into their new site. These enhancements were focused on creating a more personalized experience for customers, present and future, as well as reducing pain points for their internal teams by creating “easy-to-use” site admin tools; especially related to marketing. 

Classy Llama was tasked with providing a more contemporary look and feel for the sites, ensuring that they are built with “mobile first” in mind. They also prioritized including additional features and integrations, such as an optimized Site Search, “Find a Retailer” features, implementing Customer Loyalty / Rewards Program, creating Custom Reports options, and utilizing a Collector’s Club Program for their loyal customers.

What We Did 

In a short amount of time, Precious Moments was able to replatform from Magento 1 to BigCommerce. This allowed the Classy Llama team to develop the key features that would help deliver an incredible experience for their customers, while eliminating friction for the Precious Moments team. 

Streamline & Optimize B2B Experience

For their B2B customers, we utilized the customer groups functionality in BigCommerce to drive several things, including B2B pricing, B2B product restrictions, and a custom landing page specifically for B2B customers. To simplify the B2B user management, we incorporated custom forms needed for offline approval of new customer accounts. Building on top of our custom app for managing the Club memberships, we created a tool to allow B2B customers to look up member accounts without having to contact Precious Moments. 

Addition of PO Payment Method

For Purchase Order support, we enabled a PO payment method, which allows B2B customers to choose “Purchase Order” as a payment method and enter a PO number at checkout. This feature is restricted to B2B customer accounts only. 

Exclusive Customer Product & Pricing Segmentation

Customer groups allowed use to enable restricted products, bundling, and pricing based on the customer log-in. This segmentation allows a single site to be used for B2C customers, internal sales reps, and third-party distributors. By enabling exclusive products and pricing to be displayed to retail partners only, the fulfillment process was streamlined significantly. The B2C site now excludes all third-party customizable products, Chapel and Direct exclusive products which are solely available for B2B accounts.

Customer Loyalty Program Integration

The customer loyalty program allowed Precious Moments to create deeper relationships with their frequent shoppers, incentivizing them to return for future purchases. Their new Collector’s Club Program created an enticing and new way to showcase collections to those loyal customers, enabling them to complete collections using visual merchandising. 

How It Made a Difference

The BigCommerce implementation provided a sleek, modernized offering that allows customers to easily find and order products from any device. The B2B segmentation created a smooth transition between account types and product offerings. Precious Moments is now able to offer a highly personalized and tailored experience for each of their customers, without being bogged down by irrelevant options or pricing. 

The cost for the new site is lower, and the overhead required to manage customer accounts has been reduced significantly. The Precious Moments team has been able to reallocate those tedious hours of work to focus on creating more unique offerings. The renewed focus on customer loyalty allows them to create more return customers than ever before, with a higher average order value per user. 

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