Signifyd Protects a Timeless Brand


  • Signifyd Customer Since: 2019
  • Solution: Revenue Protection, specifically Guaranteed Fraud Protection
  • Customer Synopsis: Precious Moments is known around the world for their carefully curated gifts and inspiring, timeless collectibles featuring soulful illustrations of children with teardrop-shaped eyes. Today, their customers count on them for high-quality, meaningful collections that they continue to treasure and proudly display.


It was this commitment to providing a strong customer experience and maintaining a strong brand reputation that led Classy Llama to recommend Signifyd to Precious Moments in 2019. 

As with most retailers maintaining traditional order review methods, Precious Moments was running into pressure on its manual review side of the house, grappling with nearly a 50% manual review rate on incoming orders and slow turnaround time on order fulfillment. It was at this point that Classy Llama connected Precious Moments with Signifyd to help mitigate their fraud challenges and protect the timeless brand’s reputation. 

What We Did

With Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Precious Moments has eliminated chargeback losses from their business while simultaneously decreasing order decline rates by 90%. With Signifyd preventing chargebacks and the business disruption that can come with them, Precious Moments has seen a sharp decrease in claims and an 8% uptick in average monthly GMV.

  • 8% increase in GMV
  • 97% decrease in Chargeback Rate
  • 90% decrease in Decline Rate

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