PayPal Tokenization Extension Now Features Broader Support

In late 2013, Classy Llama released our PayPal Credit Card Tokenization extension. The primary feature of this extension is to introduce a “saved credit card” option for merchants without the necessity of compliance with PCI DSS standards, by leveraging card data stored securely on PayPal instead of on a merchant’s site. Read more of the details in the original post.

When we first introduced it, the extension’s compatibility was limited; it supported only the latest version of Magento at the time. We promised that support for earlier versions of the platform would come eventually, and we’re happy to announce that the extension’s latest release implements compatibility back through Magento Community 1.5 and Enterprise 1.10 (as well as officially certifying compatibility with the latest versions of 1.8 and 1.13). Now a much broader segment of merchants has a great option for allowing their customers to save and reuse their credit card details!

Get the extension here: As ever, the best thing about the extension is that it’s free!

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