Llamas and the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative has kicked off and Classy Llama is participating! The Magento Community has come together to create and test multiple conversion optimization experiments. The findings of this initiative are both well-timed and helpful for merchants preparing for the holiday season.

So far, this Magento Community initiative has discovered some interesting patterns:

  • Adding a Security Icon to the Checkout Button created 17.37% lift in Revenue Per Visit (RPV)
  • Auto-selecting the credit card type created a 21.53% lift in RPV
  • Adding the PayPal Express Checkout shortcut created an 8.72% lift in RPV in the mini-cart

Strangely enough, adding a zip code autofill actually dropped RPV via phone by 0.88%.

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative

Mobile has been a focus of eCommerce for several years. However, there has been one ongoing struggle: shrinking the difference between desktop and mobile conversion performance. Three key partners collaborated to address this struggle with the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative (say that three times fast!). Magento, PayPal, and HiConversion are working together to test eCommerce optimization experiments over multiple sites.

How It Works

Initiative experiments are implemented on participating merchant sites using HiConversion software. HiConversion is an adaptive experience optimization solution. Classy Llama will work with you to launch and monitor these experiences.

Merchant participation is simple. HiConversion provides the legwork, implementing subtle changes (A.K.A. experiments) to your site that improve the user experience. HiConversion will detect activity and behaviors, deploying experiments based on machine learning. The result is a hyper-optimized eCommerce experience tried and tested on your unique customer behavior.

The initiative currently offers nine experiment templates that merchants can choose to implement on their sites. These include:

  1.   Streamlined Cart Header
  2.   Zip Code Autofill
  3.   Credit Card Auto Detect
  4.   Magento PayPal Injection
  5.   Checkout Button Floater
  6.   Checkout Button Security Lock
  7.   Mini Cart Checkout Button
  8.   Collapsible Discount Codes
  9.   Mobile Phone Input

Join the initiative! Classy Llama can answer your questions on the effort and help get you plugged in. Get in touch with us now and learn more about the results of experiments to date.

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