Increasing Brand Recognition and Revenue for Martin Dingman

For over 30 years, Martin Dingman has provided fine leather goods with a foundation built on quality, heritage, and refined country life. Each collection is created with timeless style, skilled craftsmanship, and an uncompromising attention to detail.

Since its inception, the primary focus of Martin Dingman has been B2B sales. Utilizing direct and in-person sales techniques, their target market included locally-owned fine men’s wear retail locations.

When they decided to put more focus on growing their B2C business online, they reached out to Classy Llama to help with their paid search campaigns. This relationship grew to include website development along with business and marketing consulting.


In 2017, Martin Dingman decided to put more focus on growing their B2C business. They set a goal of reaching 50% of their total sales while also maintaining the success they had seen in the retail market. 


Continuing to honor the relationships that Martin Dingman had built with local store owners was very important. Choosing to digitally market their own online store while maintaining their relationships with retailers posed some challenges.


In addition, while Martin Dingman has provided fine leather goods for over 30 years and offers superior quality men’s shoes and accessories, their brand recognition was negligible. 

Martin Dingman’s return customer conversion rate of 3% was quite remarkable given the product type and price point. However, new user traffic to the site was very low due to minimal brand recognition. 


In Addition, Martin Dingman’s website had several SEO issues. A lack of keywords resulted in the inability for their site to show up in organic search and a higher cost-per-click for paid search ads. 


In order to grow Martin Dingman’s business, Classy Llama focused on growing their audience reach while also capitalizing on customers who had previously purchased from them.


Paid search campaigns saw low conversion rates and visibility due to high competition and competitors with much higher search ad budgets. By focusing on highly specific keywords, properly utilizing available ad real estate and including keywords in the ad messaging and ad extensions, Classy Llama was able to achieve a higher ad quality while also maintaining a lower cost-per-click.


A small target market of men that buy luxury shoes online combined with competitors utilizing much larger budgets made it extremely difficult to build brand recognition through social media. It took months of maintaining excellent images and performing test after test to begin seeing good results. Once the right results were reached, the ad budget was slowly increased while maintaining a goal of 1,000% or more return on ad spend (ROAS).


Classy Llama was able to generate brand awareness for Martin Dingman by running remarketing, display and dynamic search ad campaigns and applying more budget to smart shopping and branded campaigns. In addition, we were able to achieve low acquisition cost by focusing on highly specific keywords and improving ad quality.

Although ad spend increased by 81.68%, Martin Dingman’s revenue increased by 171.61% with a small decline of 1.17% ROAS and maintaining a 1,382% ROAS average. The increase in ad spend attributed to 73.86% more users which should continue to lead to future purchases and higher lifetime customer value. 

New Customer Sales

New Customers +47.09%

New Customer Revenue: +156.75%

CVR +36.58%

Google Ad Sales

Revenue: 380.48%

CVR: 40.71%

Facebook Ad Sales 

Revenue: +3,428.12%

CVR +676.18%


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