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Since 1879, Marlow White has been dedicated to helping our nation’s best look their best by providing our military and first responders with the highest quality uniforms, the most exceptional tailoring, and the outstanding service their service deserves. 

Military service members earn awards that must be placed on uniforms within regulated specifications. Marlow White simplifies this process through an application called the Awards Builder by allowing awards (ribbons, mini-medals, or full-size medals) to be previewed in a virtual “rack” and then purchased.

Marlow White came to Classy Llama knowing their Awards Builder needed to be easier to use. Classy Llama’s goal was to smooth out the Awards Builder functions, give Marlow White’s customers a better shopping experience, and create more satisfied customers in the process. 


Classy Llama kicked off a project in October 2018 to migrate and rebuild Marlow White’s existing Magento 1 (M1) site on Magento 2 (M2). Their old site went through many updates over several years, and included many proprietary features, some that Marlow White needed help to improve and streamline their shopping experience.

The most significant of these features was the Awards Builder, which itself was expanded and iterated many times by a prior eCommerce agency. 

Unfortunately, the previous agency didn’t document the requirements for the application very well, making an update a much more difficult, complex, and lengthy process. The Classy Llama projects team faced the big unknowns of the Awards Builder and dug in until they discovered and created the solutions necessary to adjust and improve the shopping experience. 


Marlow White’s Awards builder works with a very complex frontend configurator interface, powered by Adobe Commerce and managed within the Adobe Commerce admin panel. 

To simplify customer’s shopping experience, Classy Llama integrated the Awards Builder within the existing Adobe Commerce shopping cart and checkout process. In addition, dynamic product options, custom order management, and unique transactional emails were added, making it easier than ever for customers to get the ribbons and medals they need.

What We Did

Through a simplified interface, reduced number of needed clicks, and an improved mobile experience, Classy Llama was able to deliver a much cleaner, more responsive design for the Awards Builder with no visual issues.

  • Increase in mobile conversions: 25–30%, YOY

To read about how we helped Marlow White with their Magento site build, click here.

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