Llamas hit the Black Market

Here at Classy Llama, we’ve been hearing rumors that people are going to extreme measures to get their hands on their very own limited edition 2016 Louie the Llama. We get it – he’s cute, and soft and makes an excellent desk companion. So, while understandable, it’s completely unnecessary to lurk around your friends and co-workers with the hope their llama will miraculously fall into your hands. Your love for Louie shouldn’t cause undue stress, and your attempts to get one shouldn’t result in bodily harm (yours or someone else’s).

To help relieve the demand of obtaining your own Louie, we’ve stocked our IRCE booth with plenty of them. No back-alley deals or sneaky swipes necessary. You (and your llama) can sleep better at night knowing your own Louie was secured in a friendly, non-black market way.

We hope to see you at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition) in Chicago, June 7-10. You can find us at booth #937.

Classy Llama Superheroes

And just between you and me – we’ll also have other sweet swag you can nab to make all of your family, friends, co-workers and general acquaintances jealous.

See you in Chicago!

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