Using Klevu to Mitigate Core Web Vitals Impact

Good usability and user experience has always had an indirect impact on the popularity of a website. That impact is bigger than ever before, thanks to Google’s recent launch of their Core Web Vitals initiative. This initiative can be said to have a direct correlation with SEO, because Google always wants to serve the best results to their users.

If your website is difficult to navigate, you’ll struggle to engage visitors simply because they can not find the products they want. Low engagement with your content increases the exit rates, and brings in fewer returning visitors. Google can measure those factors, de-rank your website, and send the traffic elsewhere – where users will find exactly what they are looking for. 

To protect their website, some online stores are hiring merchandisers to decide on how products should be positioned in each category. With Klevu’s Smart Category Merchandising, you can use the power of machine learning to automate this process and always show the right product to the right customer.

If searchers cannot find what they’re looking for, it’s likely that they’ll go back to the search results page to find a website that can help. Since Google has gotten much better at identifying websites that don’t serve the searcher’s intent, this can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings. With Klevu’s Smart Search you’ll always show your customers the most relevant search results, enriched with synonyms, understanding typos they make, or even when they use the voice search on Google.

Internal linking has always been a very important factor of SEO. With Klevu’s search autocomplete results, faceted search navigation and product recommendations, your internal linking will be optimized continuously based on your shopper intentions and behaviour, in real-time, and give Google all the signals needed to position you on top of results for all the important keywords your customers are searching for.

We’re here to help you navigate all the changes that come with Google’s release of Core Web Vitals. Classy Llama has created a series of free resources to help you understand and prepare your website to mitigate the impact of Core Web Vitals.

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