Introducing Wiz, a CLI Tool for Magento

There is a lot of functionality in Magento that is hard to get to or tedious to work with.  There are so many tasks that developers, designers, and administrators do on a daily basis that requires time-consuming trips to the Magento backend.  If you happen to want to do more than one of those operations, you end up having do each of those tasks one after the other… if only there was a better way!

It is my pleasure to announce Wiz: a command-line interface tool for working with Magento installations.  It was built to make your work (and subsequently your life) much easier!

Wiz has a whole bunch of great features, but here are some you’re sure to like:

  • Create an admin user (tested in CE & PE)
  • Toggle template hints
  • Enable/disable module names
  • Enable/disable module output
  • Run xpath queries over the global config
  • Enable/disable/clear caches
  • … and more!

Wiz is a work in progress and hasn’t been thoroughly tested with every Magento version out there.  However, we’ve been using it with Professional and Community Edition installations without any major problems.

Things planned for future releases:

  • Templates for building modules
  • Better support for stores and configuration scopes
  • More useful utilities like reindexing, cron runs, etc.

Your feedback and bug reports are welcome!

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