More Sites, Same Staff, Less Maintenance

When Gardner acquired a large competitor with many sites, they found themselves split between two dated platforms with more than 1.8 million SKUs across 25+ B2C and B2B websites. They needed a partner that could handle unifying their massive catalogs and lead them through a major platform upgrade.

Gardner chose Classy Llama because they wanted a partner with experience in complex development and migrations. These qualifications were essential for Gardner because the project would entail migrating 25 sites from Magento 1 to Magento 2, transferring over a website from another platform, and adding new sites to their new multistore network. We took on the challenge, completed the project, and continue to develop new features for Gardner. Features that thanks to multistore, only need to be built once and can be enabled/disabled across all of Gardner’s sites.

With all sites on a single instance of Magento 2, inventory only needs to be kept in sync with one eCommerce platform. Since completing the project, Gardner has seen a 50% increase in conversions. And because Gardner’s marketing team can now launch new B2C and B2B websites without any server configuration or development changes, their hosting and maintenance costs have decreased by 37%.

“Working with Classy Llama we have been able to easily replicate our B2C direct sites allowing us to double the number of transactional sites we are managing without adding any additional staffing. Additionally, we have been able to support the online growth of one of our key retail partners by providing a simple but effective way to allow their customers to transact seamlessly through their site”
-Rich Sher
Sr. Manager, Retail Sales & Key Account Mgmt.”

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