A New Customer Experience for DisplayIt Using Celigo


DisplayIt offers fully customizable exhibit booths and tradeshow displays for customers around the world. Their website is used by thousands of merchants each year to design and order high-quality displays, eliminating the stress of event preparation. 

Classy Llama was tasked by DisplayIt to create a user-friendly interface that would organize and streamline customer processes on a new platform. With many personalizations offered on their site, they needed a website that was beautiful, easy to use, and highly integrated with many of their internal systems.  

The Classy Llama team immediately set out to create a new website that would meet the needs of their customers and internal teams with ease. 


Before their replatforming, DisplayIt was built primarily on a custom legacy .net platform that greatly limited their ability to provide a modern look and feel. The existing site was difficult for customers to navigate and required a lot of manual interaction from their internal team to process incoming orders. 

When it came time to replatform their site, DisplayIt was looking for a scalable solution that they could migrate to. They needed a platform that would integrate with all of their existing internal solutions, provide a simpler user experience, and would allow them to offer additional features for their customers. Selecting BigCommerce as their new platform was an easy choice, as it met all of these requirements and more. To implement their many complex systems, Celigo’s integration platform was an ideal solution. 


The primary goal for this project was to organize and simplify the ordering processes for the customer. In order to create a better user experience, navigation needed to be improved, reducing the steps required to design custom orders. The overall layout and design of the existing site was outdated, and they wanted to create a site that better represented their new branding.

Another big goal was to automate as many of the internal processes as possible, integrating Celigo to manage the import and export of custom fields and direct purchasability management. Celigo would provide a foundation that makes it easier to integrate their systems long-term, and simplified management of these integrations.Their secondary site, displayitatchurch.com had a similar set of needs to be met. 

What We Did 

The Classy Llama team worked with DisplayIt to design a modern and mobile-friendly interface that easily allows customers to explore products, preview customizations, and view next steps for ordering. This new design focuses on organizing the products into a more logical structure, so that their users do not have to rely on specific search terms to find relevant information and items. 

To optimize the internal processes for the DisplayIt team, we utilized Celigo’s to connect customer records, orders, and order modifications with Pace and Salesforce. This enabled customer ID syncing, order status mapping, and realtime SKU creation and inventory management. 

How It Made a Difference

DisplayIt’s migration to BigCommerce provides a modern and future-proof foundation for them to grow on. With a freshly updated look and feel, the site now delivers a modern and visual connection for their customers. The site is easier to navigate than ever before, with clear steps for ordered custom and stock options. 

By implementing Celigo, we created a foundation that makes it easier to integrate future systems, and it will be easier to manage these integrations long-term.

This new site has now reduced the amount of manual effort required to maintain orders, allowing the DisplayIt team to process and fulfill orders quickly. Because they offer a consultative approach to selling their products, we prioritized giving their users clear steps to take to connect with the DisplayIt team. 

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