The Most Common Complaint from Magento Merchants

As an agency, we have the privileged position of hearing many, many merchants talk about what causes them the most pain. Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of complaining, for sure, but mostly, we’ve heard really great feedback and totally legitimate challenges for merchants on the Magento platform.

Many of these challenges have been addressed as the Magento product and community evolves and matures, but there has been one persistent complaint that hasn’t been sufficiently addressed yet: Magento support when you need it without having to make a continuous financial commitment. Classy Llama is super excited about our new Llama Desk service because it solves this plague of a problem. The Magento ecosystem just became a much friendlier place because there are llamas at every turn, ready to serve!

Llama Desk is a pay-as-you-need-it service. This means that you don’t have to pay for a block of hours until after you send your ticket directly to the Llama Desk team. With the elimination of project management and a first-come, first-serve mentality, we can provide you with quick and easy access to highly experienced, certified Magento developers.

Llama Desk was born because of a need that we didn’t see being fulfilled in the market. We’re amped about this service because it’s going to give merchants who need on-the-fly support a llama to carry them where they need to go.

Thank you for all of the input we’ve received to date to make the service rock!

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