Classy Llama Starts in A Garage in 2007… Hits #454 on Inc. 500 in 2013

As I’m sure you’re aware, Inc. publishes a list annually of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America. Classy Llama made the list coming in at #454, and I speak for the whole team when I say that we are very humbled by the journey we’ve had the privilege to travel.

Classy Llama started in 2007 with 3 guys working in my garage. At the time, I was also working on starting up two other companies. When these petered out, I focused full-time on Classy Llama. Revenue tripled in the last half of 2009 and the ensuing jump from 5 to 10 employees made our under-heated, under-cooled garage untenably small. Revenue grew more than 500% YOY in 2010 alone with our headcount at about 20 by the end of the year!

Even in the midst of this crazy growth, we were able to effectively serve a high-demand, limited-supply niche: eCommerce design and development on the Magento platform. While we have made mistakes along the way, we have always followed through for the client and done our best to honor the people we work with. Our goal is to continue meeting the needs and providing value to our clients as a full-service eCommerce agency. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get to where we are today!


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