Boost your reviews: Amazon-style review emails on Magento is the king of product reviews. If you are shopping for a product and want to see what others have to say about it, chances are, you turn to Studies show that more product reviews = higher conversion rates and more organic traffic. Amazon has set a high bar: customers expect product reviews, especially for products they are not familiar with.

As an eCommerce merchant, how do you increase the number of reviews on your site? The answer is simple: ask for them. Sure, you probably have the standard “Write a review” link on your product detail pages, but do you proactively ask your customers for their feedback?

One of our Clients,, recently asked us to help them increase the number of reviews on their site. We took inspiration from Amazon’s approach to asking for reviews. We built a simple email that shows customers their recently purchased products and gives them the ability to jump-start the review process by clicking on a star.

We setup the site to send this email template to customers 21 days after purchase. This feature has been live for about 3 months and the results have been great:

3 months prior to sending review emails:

  • 4 new customer reviews

3 months after sending review emails:

  • 102 new customer reviews (3% of customers)
  • $1,795 in revenue generated from customers coming from review email

Rather than building the functionality from scratch, we based it on top of the Aheadworks Follow Up extension. It allowed us to quickly and easily build out the desired functionality.

If you have enabled reviews on your site but your products don’t have many reviews, I would recommend exploring an option like this. And you can always take it a step further by offering coupon codes or reward points for your customers who leave reviews.

Contact us if you are interested in boosting your reviews.

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