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Product Detail Page

American Leather uses their product detail pages to show unique furniture styles that can be customized by the dealer. Their existing product detail page had a small amount of content: a description, product images, and configurable options like material, color, and leg style. 

They wanted a design that allowed their team to add additional content when needed and showed the flexibility of their products without overwhelming the buyer.

Our solution was to use product detail pages as landing pages for each style of furniture. We wanted to help shoppers see each style as a starting point to their perfect custom piece, rather than emphasizing a single final product.

We started by designing a custom header that included the style name and buttons that anchored to specific content within the page. We also created a carousel gallery to display pieces of furniture in that specific style. These images of previously built custom furniture in beautifully designed spaces help customers imagine the possibilities of each given style.

We also created a new page section to display customization details and specs for the furniture style.


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