Now Available on Magento Connect: AddShoppers

Classy Llama always looks for the best way increase sharing and track social ROI on Magento sites. That’s why we’ve partnered with AddShoppers to provide a hassle-free way to add the AddShoppers social sharing and analytics platform to your site quickly and easily.

AddShoppers is an open sharing platform built for social commerce. They increase sharing by rewarding and incentivizing social actions. Meanwhile, their social analytics measure ROI and provide deep insights, for free. Retailers can identify their most social products and influencers (and sort by Klout!). For example, a retailer can see a Facebook “Like” drove 8 clicks and two of those people ordered for a total of $125.49.

All you need to do to get started is:

Get your free account at AddShoppers.
Install the AddShoppers Extension from Magento Connect.
Enable the module and customize as desired.
For more information, you can connect with AddShoppers via the web at or on twitter at @addshoppers.

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