A Classy Year in Review: Our Work from 2015

Select eCommerce Work from 2015.

For this Year in Review, we want to show you several sites we built or serviced and maintained on the Magento platform in 2015. One of our largest accomplishments in 2014 was our role in developing Magento’s Responsive Theme. In 2015, all of our custom builds were on this responsive theme, meaning these sites scale beautifully from mobile to desktop. This is why you will see both the desktop and mobile versions of the highlighted sites. With that said, here are a few highlights from 2015 that we are proud of. We hope you enjoy.

Elemental LED creates and sells innovative, configured, and integrated LED lighting solutions. To show off the company’s superior product designs, we built an inspiration gallery that lets shoppers view beautifully lit rooms and spaces and find the Elemental LED products that made it possible.


TileBar is a direct manufacturer and importer of tiles based in New York and New Jersey. To meet many of their goals without unnecessary custom development, the company’s new site takes full advantage of features that come with the Nucleus Commerce Platform. Another feature we added was the lookbook functionality. Lookbooks allow for Tilebar to showcase product lines or create inspiration around a particular tiling concept.


DaySpring and its team of in-house developers came to Classy Llama to support them by providing further Magento expertise and to gain insight on setting up a multi-server hosting environment for optimal performance. With the help of the Classy Llama team, DaySpring launched a new theme that would strengthen its position as the most well-known brand of Christian and inspirational cards and gifts.


Heat & Cool is one of the largest online distributors of HVAC products in the United States. Classy Llama had the privilege of helping Heat & Cool implement a new responsive theme and a unique system selector that helps its customers feel confident they are purchasing the correct product for their needs. 


MerryStockings sells unique Christmas decor. Using a custom built embroidery feature, customers can personalize and preview ideas on the front end, and specs for production can be presented to the manufacturer through the back end.


On the marketing side, longtime client OutdoorCooking.com challenged us with the objective of selling more pellet grills in Q4 of 2015. The team focused primarily on Google Shopping and AdWords Text ads but also allocated a small budget amount to targeted Facebook ads and YouTube video ads. The results were impressive. During the holiday shopping season of 2015, OutdoorCooking.com sold more pellet grills than total online pellet grill sales during all of 2014!  


The Magento sales team works with merchants all over the world to help them determine whether Magento is the right platform for them. Classy Llama worked with Magento to build a sales demo for its internal sales team to use when presenting Magento to prospective merchants. This demo included a custom theme as well as functionality, such as in-store pickup.

As we applaud the Magento team for a job well done launching Magento 2, we can’t help but brag about Classy Llama’s involvement in the process. It was a huge honor to be selected as one of the partners to help Magento build Magento 2. We introduced responsive design, simple internationalization, and separation of content and styling to the email framework in Magento 2. As far as we’re aware, we contributed more to Magento 2’s code base than any other agency.

Marlow White is a major supplier of quality Army, Navy and First Responder uniforms. Classy Llama was able to vastly improve the experience for Marlow White’s customers, especially on mobile platforms, with a Magento upgrade, a new responsive theme, and user experience optimization. Personally, we can’t stop admiring the new Mega Menu!


Aggieland Outfitters offers a variety of high-quality Aggie clothing and merchandise. Classy Llama helped Aggieland upgrade its site from the Magento Community Edition to the Enterprise Edition and continues to provide marketing support and development support through Llama Desk.


Shurhold designs and manufactures innovative specialty care and accessory products available for the marine, RV, and automotive industries. Shurhold’s tagline is “Clean-N-Simple” and that’s how we approached this new site build. We wanted customers to have quick and easy access to tips on cleaning their equipment. Using technology from search extension, Algolia, the content site seamlessly integrates with the eCommerce site. Did we mention that Shurhold has been a Classy Llama client since 2011? We are excited to usher them into a new phase with an upgrade, a responsive theme and so much more!


It’s Worth Mentioning

2015 was a successful year for our clients. Overall, 60% of our projects came in under budget. Beyond that, the actual cost compared to budgeted cost on projects had a variance of less than a two percent on average. What’s more, the trend line shows that we became more successful at meeting these goals as the year progressed.

The success stories that emerged from last year are immeasurable. In an ever-evolving and fast-paced eCommerce industry, we live for new challenges. Challenges are what drive us forward. We look back with fondness over an amazing year of accomplishments. To our clients and partners, thank you for trusting us. Please continue to challenge us.

We would love to show you more from this past year and talk about new services we are beginning to offer. For example, we introduced affiliate marketing powered by our partner AIM to our clients in 2015. If you would like to know more about what made 2015 so great for our clients or you’d like to work with us in 2016, we’d love to hear from you!

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